Who We Are

Chabad at UCSD is...

  • A Jewish student organization that provides an exciting variety of social, educational, and cultural programming for students.

  • A home where all Jews are welcome, regardless of background or affiliation.

  • A place to socialize in a comfortable, home-like setting with great friends, great food, and great discussion.

  • A source of caring support from professional and sensitive rabbinical mentors.

  • A partnership between students and staff, providing valuable leadership opportunities for students to create fun, vibrant programs.

Chabad House on Campus, servicing UCSD, was established in 2005 by Directors Rabbi Yehuda and Esther Hadjadj. Chabad House is affiliated with a central organization that has branches across the globe.

Chabad House offers a wide variety of regular programs: from holiday celebrations to fun events, Shabbat meals to hands-on workshops, social action to learning programs. On a larger scale, Chabad House coordinates Shabbat 300, the 9/11 Mitzvah Marathon, and other campus-wide events.

We welcome your participation and hope to meet you soon.  So come on by to “the warmest place away from home,” and make our home, your home!